RPGs be broke
my thoughts on indie game the movie

hi yall wondering what u think of the new film indie game the movie its now available to torrent. 

sofar i dont know what to think abt it. not sure how i feel abt indie games. on one hand a game can make u feel some thing more or tell a story about your world in a way that is i dunno like a west anderson film. if u played or make an indie game then mabey u can hand out a flower

maybe it is a games as poetry

but then again im tired of the games as art conversion and i hate fucken hipsters. just bc i listen to alot of good music and ride a bike does not mean im a hipster if i did i would buy PBR i tryed drinking the hinekens (sp?) of my room mate DERRICK and i still cant get intrested in drinking beer. maybe if there was a girl i wanted her to be drunk i would

any way back to the point im exited to see games reconized by the world of movies and hollywood. feels like we might be gaained more legilimancy through this. 

just dont want 2 sit thru 2 hours and find out it is all about braid

didnt get that damn game it made me mad. 

fucken braid lol

my 2c on psvita

ne1 get angry when you have to stop playing ur favoriet game. well i do. thats why i really want a new psvita even more than i want a vintage gammecube. so far i have saved up $64.73 towards my new vita

use to be able to get dad to buy me things bc of his guilt abt me but this time when i asked he said shawnda wouldnt like it shawnda is my new step mom i havent met yet. 

if only i had a psvita i could go str8 from my ps3 into my vita if i leave the house and then back again

would not have to talk 2 any1.

would not have to look at any 1

just deep in my psvita…

cross the street and no cars can touch me 

what would u cosplay

hobba hobbea! look at this. its a nealy perfect julliet from lolippop chainsaw. only problem i have is with her stomach in pic a look a lil chubbo and then as you see in pic b things are a little bit of a mess with that butt crease. but thats ok juliet just a couple extra mins in photoshoop and youll do fine.

besides im not the kinda guy that is too judgementle. ;) if i did get the chance too meet this fine lady and i turn her down i migth get internet respect but i also mite not have a peen lol

found this by googling cosplay because i saw theres alot of cosplay at PAX wich as you know is takeing place in bostone this weekend. cosplay is a chance to become your heros or someone else and walk in a costume. it heps more women to be invoved in the scene aswell. 

what would u cosplay. i thought i would be a final fantasy charrie but theres so much to choose from. what about u? 

feel like games are not scary anymore

can games scare u. what are u frightened off. what makes u cry in the dark? 

i just hate how games arent really scary any more. NEWS TO U GAMESINTDUSTRY IF U GIVE ME A HUGE GUN W/100 AMMO IM NOT GOING TO BE SCARED OF SHIT lol well exept for missing the targets lol 

if u didnt already know im complaning about the new silent hills and resident evils. did anyon notice those games have change and i dont think its for the better dont flame me

dont get me wrong adding more mucsles and ladies is something i myself could appercate. just felt like i missed how it use to be when i would sometimes feel like i had to pee a little while playing 

miss opening a lot of locked doors that were locked

miss havin no weapons not knowing where to go

miss wondering about a mystery like who is your dad…

crying abt yr dad… 

lot of games are about that… 


so sick of fake geek girls

hi yall me again (duh lol!) 

have u been following this ‘brouhala’ of a particular nature involving this ‘fake geek girls.’ like i said before forbs is now my favorite videogaming website seems like they truly understand we the gamers. i think bc it is a news and buisness publaction it means they could speak form outside the jaded world of GAMES JOURNLOLISM. just a normale buisness man like u or me who like 2 play mass effect

i dont really like mass effect because i feel a hero need a sword and not a space helmet and i also dont like how every1 think u HAVE 2 play it as a femshemp. but still i did pay fullprice at retail for this game and the other ones and after the 210 hrs of my life i have devoted i beleive as a gamer i am entitled to experience a ending of my REAL CHOICE its just good buiseness as FORBS (A BUISENESS MAGZINE!!) points out. 

anyway thats why i like forbs. and then there was anorther succesful article from a  LOVELY lady gamer who truley understands how to be both a hip cool geek girl and also a professional writter on FORBS. i like girls doing roles well 

i also like her perspective and point of view ok well its hard for me to explane so just read it dammit lol. she really gets my emotions about staying true to my gamer roots like the old siera games and stuff


its hard to like things no 1 else likes and i have suffered alot 

not only this but there has been something bother me for a long time wich is alot of girls PRETEND to be geeks so they can get attention whoring from men 

well for me alot of girls didnt talk to me in school

they didnt talk to me when i go out to the store either but thats because i mostley go to coffee hut or gamestop and everyone know it is hard 2 find a girl that likes games or coffee

i dont really talk to girl at partys either because what mom call my ‘condition’ it makes me a little socialy akwerd lol 

dont really go to parties

BUT when ur on the internet a lot of time u will get a AIM msg from some1 who is like ‘sup sexy’ and when u type ‘who is this’ thinkin it might be a fellow 4chang user her ansers dont make alot of sense and then it says ‘click here’ and it was NOT an internet savvy lady but it was a robot. 

or u see someone post her profile on a forume and its a picture of a naked girl covered in nintendoes and you think NICE rite?

wrong its anorther porn ad!! i get so mad i would nvr hit a lady but i mite admit to buying a chirs brown album

or not buying it getting it on mediafire lol 

anyway i hate women who lie and mislead me and i just think i should find a cool gamer girl who understand what it really mean to be a nerd

it was recomended to me by some1 that i should jourunal or try poatry when i feel angry or too marginalzied

here is a poem:

can u understand my struggle

no 1 understands mass effect

be my true gamer girl

i will save u from the reapers in a world for 2 

anyways man i loved that article tara “tiger” brown i will ride her like a tiger lol GRRROWWWLL fierce gamer ladys!!!!!

feeling very exited rite now

i just mite of got a job at VOXGAMES 

is forbs the best gameing site

this artical is about how all of the big games journLOLists are in the pocketes of the gamesindustry and it seems true

i thought forbs was a magazine about money but it seem they really care abt WE THE GAMERS. should i start reading forbes everyday. 

rescue the prinncess

hi yall me again

one thing i thought abt lately is how so many games want they want you to rescue a princess from: a dinosaur. her mom. a gman. things like that. but if u are a GAMER (like me oviously lol!!) then u know it can be a IRL challenge to find your ‘true princecss’ 

do u ever wonder why it so hard to find a girl into GAMES. to me this is the most iportant thing. a few years back i work at the barns and noble booksellers for approx six weeks before i deicided to pursue this dream and also bc i had to pay back rent to DERRICK my shit head room mate. 

well 1 day i was in the stocking which is where u put new books on shelfs. my favorite ones to stalk were SAND MAN and WATCH MAN (comic books incase u didnt know) but aside from that i liked to stalk the bradygames stragery guides. many times i would get the chance to talk to my fellow gamers in that section of the store. infact that was part of the circumsances behind my end up getting FIRED from barns and nobles but that is another story

well anyway 1 time there a GIRL GAMER and to make matters vbetter she wasent even looking at a POKEMON guides. she holding in her hands a guide for HALFLIKE 2 i didnt realy play much of that game bc i couldnt control my stats i need games where i can attribute my stat points and enjoy a hero joirney of growth from young boy to man like in fina fantasy (only ff6 thru ff10 lol). 

but i thought she might be a TRUE GAMER GIRL bc of the halflife book she had so i striked up a convo w/her

wish she had come back into the store as i invitated her there i had the ability to sneek people into th store at the end of the day after it was locked 

never met her again…

should i go to a party tonite i think i wont lol 

cant bear this rejection any longer i feel like only seifer amasy woudl understand me (ff8 lol u need to play this game!!!) 

in another world i cuold be the sorceresses knigt…. 

u could be sonikku and b best friend w/tails…

a game can help u be someone u might want to be instead of u

just gonna replay mass effect 2 and maby this time get w/tali 

feel a little anxiety

if u flame me on my personal twitter u will be blocked

game can make you feel better

hi yall well it’s me again with my thoughts on games. as usual lol

some thing special abt videogames is they can make you exprience things u dont normally. one thing is if you are playing a game on a day when ur feeling not so great it can make u feel greater. it has the power 2 make u feel cnnected to other ppl aswell. 

wanted 2 tell u about a moveing expience i had tonight while i was playing a classic called final fantasy 10. incase u didnt know it is a rpg by squaresoft. its u save the world in the disguise of a young boy + his gf and some animals like kimari and wacka. 

this is an old game i know lol u dont need to tell me!!!! but some time it refresh my feeings about videogsames blog journalism if i revist some of the clasics from days gone by, 

well if u played ff10 do u remember the game of blitz ball its a minigame within ffx where u basicly play socer in the water. i kind of hate because it reminds me of gymclass hwen i was in high school. i wasnt good at too many sports exept for dodge ball. in dodeball i got to play the important roll of target. it was an amazeing time i felt cool in my school becose austin peckory a cool kid said to me hey if i take a lot of the doge balls an get out the rest of the team will do better

got hit in the face with many balls…

felt i made a meanigfull sacifice…

i would never experice that again until a videogame like ffx which captivate th themes of sacrifice and meaningful ‘contributions to a team envioment’ 

i was rembemering this while i was playing ff10 again in the living room

DERRICK who if u didnt know is my room mate he can be kind of a asshole but today he come in and go ‘what is this hairsparay game’ or something rude he says usually he says FAGGET a lot i dont really care forh is langauge like hes an xbox live playar

but i gave him the controler and he beat the blitzaball for me bc he understand sports games like TIGER WOOD PGA TOUR or something he likes on the kinnect

we had a moment wich was nice bc it was my turn 2 clean up his pizza kitchen again

a vidoe game can make u come together with ppl from a different walk of life…

it can be a bonding… 

it just show the meaning of games well lol i dunno why i wrote all that just wanted to share it with yall and HAPPY GAMING!!!!1

my review of journey

should i play a game call juorney, y’all? 

well incase you hadent heard, journy is a popular new ps3 game seem 2 be ‘burning up’ the charts UNLIKE JOURNY THE BAND (lolol!). as u can see it a game set in the desert where u play as a man with a hood similar to metal gear solid 4 or other popular games

seems every thing is in the desert now do u rember king quest 5 yall? remember the desert i hated that shit lol 

i like how the walk curser look like a lil man hehehehe ^^

anyways back 2 joureny u also have a lil man w/u! u could beep to a stranger that iwll float to u as you discovering things to gether but u cant go on teamchat bc then your expireince will be interputed by people talk about their bomgs or how you are a fagget

i get call names alot on those things i think the think i am a GIRL GAMER or something lol 

my voice is just a litle high pictched bc i had to have my tonsales out at the early age. 

what do u think of journey

a game can make you cry… 

a social media future begins

hi y’all well i decide 2 join TWITTER at least haha 

could u plz ‘follow’ me on there what u do is go to my profile and click a button that say ‘follow’ then you can stay up to date on my thoughs/emotions if u want

didnt think i like talking any more re ‘my feelings’ but in this world of game blogs you have to ‘put your self out there’ alot i think 


opps this is the link to it https://twitter.com/#!/RPGsbebroke


Greetings 2 all of my folowers in the videogaming comunity, sorry i have been off of the grid for a whike. some times i get disapointed with my dream of gaming journalism and wonderin if i will ever make my dream. it just seem like it is so hard to succeed in this place like it is a club i cant ever get invited to. reminds me of okcupid lol 

but then some thing like this happen and i feel i have a voice to say in this industy and cant be detered from my dream. in case u dont arleady know what i am talking UM XCUSE ME LOL DID U PLAY MASS EFFECT 3 YET 

yes thats right. i among the legoins of fans which is disappointed with the ending of biowares saga about saving the world of space. i loyally played each instalation of the saga & loyaly devoted a long time of my life to this game plus my hard earn dollers for a box on the shelves and for DLC and NOW I FEEL LIKE IM GETTING PUNCHED from many diferent directions by this COMPLETE RIP OFF. ‘

we the gamers deserve better. i dont have alot of money for exampal id like to help the homeless but usually the only time i see any is when im on my way to gamestop or to the cofee hut because i like the barrister. and then i need my money for GAMES lol 

but i manage to donate some of my hard earned dollar to the retake mass effet petition and it go to a charity for giving poor kids video games so its a good cause aswell. i think u should as well and show this terroristic BIOWARE that WE THE GAMERS do not need to acept this mistreatment at the hands of them. 

cant belive i lived as my shepherd for over 190 hrs of my life and now all that hapens is he hasto die no matter what i do then it like LOL BUY MORE DLC **PUNCHES ME **

just tryed to retake earth from the rapers

just beleived that a game could be something more…

hate when my identy as a GAMER is to be violated

wish i had more money for FORM ASHES DLC

maybe i could call dad


thought deus ex was a pc game…. 

gearing up 2 e3

hi yall sorry i didnt blog here for a while i have been MAD bizzay gearing up 2 e3 in the los angeles convetion center in 2 weeks from now. feelin pretty nervous abt coverin my first e3 so i decide to get a head start on makin my apointments w/ppl on the show floor of e3 

feel like im goeff kehighly lol 

good news i already got a appt with plantronics gamer head sets and a nyko booth tour. dont know what those really are lol so i decided 2 do my research. found this pic: 

thats gonna be me in the front yall r u jealous/??? 

well dont worry i represent u on the ground gonan bring all the info on perpirephals to u the gamers. hope my shouldar touches this girls leg. 

i compoised a proffesional email to the plantronics gaming headsets people bc i wanted to hear about their siute of products on offer in preparation for my news blog interview feature im planning 2 bring you right here at this website. 

luckally they were so impressed by my demeonar and enterprinal journalist spirit that they will PAY FOR MY E3 HOTEL and i am also supposably getting a vip badg to a cocktale hour. 

yall i cant describe this feeling…

feel like my dreams are coming true….

going in the convention center will be like going in a moms womb to be born,…